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CrossFit On Ramp Private


During these sessions you will work with your coach to build your general fitness base and gain familiarity with our movements with the goal to prepare you to join our Elements or fast-paced group classes. You will find the greatest success starting CrossFit with private coaching if your needs or goals include:

  • weight loss and improved body composition
  • extra accountability
  • you have generally been sedentary
  • you are new to exercise
  • you have specific performance oriented goals (triathlon, basketball, etc.)
  • you are pregnant or have just had a child
  • you have an orthopedic injury
Your coach will tailor workouts specifically for your current fitness level and progress you at the proper pace for you. Once you have finished the four one-on-one sessions, you have a week to join in our regularly scheduled classes for free before starting a membership, class punch card, or drop-in class. Please note, if you have pre-existing injuries or are quite deconditioned, additional private coaching sessions may be required before moving into our fast-paced group classes.

If you choose to team up with multiple people for your privates, there is group pricing available when you buy an CrossFit On Ramp Private Pass

Morning Afternoon Evening
Sep 26 Tuesday 8 Times Available 9 Times Available 2 Times Available
Sep 27 Wednesday 6 Times Available 10 Times Available 2 Times Available
Sep 28 Thursday 7 Times Available 9 Times Available 1 Times Available
Sep 29 Friday 8 Times Available 9 Times Available 0
Sep 30 Saturday 6 Times Available 5 Times Available 2 Times Available
Oct 02 Monday 8 Times Available 9 Times Available 2 Times Available